Maun International Poetry Festival action

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Why Maun?

Maun Lodge - The Venue for the 2012 Festival
·         We believe that it will be appropriate to hold an event of this magnitude in Maun, the hub of tourism which boasts of the mighty Okavango Delta. Slam poetry lovers from across the country and abroad will gather for a feast of spoken word poetry making Maun. Throughout the years, Poetavango Spoken Word Poetry has induced the art of poetry into the Maun community. It has, thus, turned Maun into the ‘home of poety.’ The Maun community, therefore, always respond positively to poetry callings  - an artform they can now identify with. This will place our village on the world map and thus show that tranquility and artistic excellence beckons everyone to the country of Botswana, our pride.


Festival Workshop/Symposium

·         The workshop/symposium will be facilitated by Botswana’s prominent writers Lauri Kubuitsile and Barolong Seboni. Poets will interact and share ideas, knowledge and skills. This is a good way of empowering our local performers. It also helps in sharing our culture with international audiences. Since both traditional and contemporary poets will be taking part in this festival, the interaction between the two will close the gap and help even the audience to appreciate these two approaches to poetry. 

Who'll Be There This Year?

·         Poetavango is hosting the second installment of the International Poetry Festival aimed at promoting the art of slam poetry and storytelling: both powerful and exciting tools of communication, education and entertainment.
·         Performers from Botswana include Ntirelang Berman, Berry Heart, Moletlanyi Tshipa, Moroka Moreri, Barolong Seboni, Juby Peacock, Dredd X, Kabelo ‘Psycho Cydd’ Mereyotlhe, Ngwao Putswa, Vygos, King Philosopher, Messenger, Priskath, Mista Poke, Prophet Caribbean Weed, Stika Sola and many others. We shall also have Upmost and Blakk Pearl from Zimbabwe, Prince Shapiro and Lesego Blackstar Moeti from South Africa and Miss Quote, a Jamaican writer and performer based in USA. Also to grace stage is the American poetess Corazon. Poetavango is currently working on bringing in a prominent American poet for the country.
      The list is likely to grow. Keep checking this blog for regular updates.